The Light at the End of the Covid Tunnel and What it Means for Ottawa Real Estate

April 30, 2021


I expect that by September the number of people that will be vaccinated in Ottawa will allow businesses to start calling employees back to the office.

With a large number of public sector and tech orientated employees in Ottawa I am expecting the back to office transition to start off slow and accelerate as we finish 2021 and then start 2022.

In this post I will explore the implications of this transition with respect to real estate in Ottawa.

Let’s have a look at what covid and WFH did to the real estate landscape in Ottawa.

  • Everything with a common entrance was shunned and priced lower relative to private entrance properties.
  • Space, home offices and backyards were coveted and properties that had those sold for a premium.
  • The central bank cut interest rates and bought mortgage backed securities in order to stimulate the housing market and the overall economy.
    • This was probably the most significant stimulus that the housing market reacted to.
  • With more people sitting at home, disposable incomes skyrocketed (for those that still had jobs) and homebuyers started allocating more money towards their home purchases.
  • Demand for rural and suburban homes went through the roof.

As people start heading back to the office, I see a few things re-adjusting.

  • As traffic starts getting busier, travel time and travel costs will become significant again.
  • Homes located near public transportation hubs will command a higher premium.
  • Once we reach herd immunity, get back to the office and open up universities, condos should see more demand.
  • A slow demand reversal from suburban and rural homes back to urban homes.
    • This trend will take a few years in Ottawa. The federal government will be conservative in getting workers back in the office.

What does this mean for home owners and home buyers.

  • If you are looking to buy a condo now may be a good time.
  • If you are looking to sell a rural property, demand will probably decrease slowly going forward.
  • If you are looking to buy near major transportation hubs, buying sooner rather than later is wise.
  • The rate of price appreciation will probably slow.
    • The federal government has achieved it’s goal to stimulate the economy via the housing market. Going forward the government will likely taper housing stimulus for political reasons.

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Full disclosure: The above post is simply my opinion based on the data that I have access to. My opinions are my own and should not be taken as predictions.