Ottawa Real Estate – Prices Double while Rents Stay Flat

In this post we will look at two charts. The first chart shows median residential sold prices and the second shows rent prices. As you can see from the chart below, median residential prices have approximately doubled in Ottawa since 2016.   The chart below shows rent prices in Ottawa. ...

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Ottawa Real Estate – Market Update April 2021

The Ottawa real estate market is in the process of finding a more sustainable balance between buyers and sellers. Active listings continue to rise while buyer demand remains strong. Key Insights: Buyers are becoming more discerning as rising inventory finally gives them some breathing room. In demand properties are still ...

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How to Buy a Home in a Competitive Sellers Market

In this post I will go over a few simple steps that will help you buy a property in a competitive sellers’ market. A sellers’ market is when there are relatively more buyers than sellers. This creates low inventory and competition for available properties. This type of market is usually ...

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